Can you slicemachine with typescript

i tried to add slicemachine to my nextJS typescript project
but i kept getting type errors everywhere and the slices generated are always js files
as i did my research i concluded that slicemachine does not support typescript.
if any one have a documentation of how to use slicemachine with nextjs typescript project or has a link of a github repo ?

Hello @moussaabmma, we have an open PR adding a TypeScript integration to the current version of Slice Machine. You can check out the progress here:

Hello @Pau
thank you for your response
i ll be waiting for the integrations to be merged to add slicemachine to my project
i hope it will be integrated soon

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@Pau PR seem to be merged to dev. is there any date about integration to a release ?
Thank you

Hey @ali, yes, the TS integration with Slice Machine is now live!
Here's the documentation:

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@Pau thank you for your quick answer.
I was thinking that all slices files will be generated in tsx by default.
It's not the case till now if I have understand all added features.

Hello @ali to generate tsx file you should create custom template, it is now possible
please refer to What Is Slice Machine? - Documentation - Prismic

happy coding

Hey team! We're glad to announce that Slice Machine v0.5.1 is out !!
Let's celebrate the native support of TypeScript Types in Slice Machine! And a lot of cool UX/UI improvements and bug fixes!

Big shoutout to the whole team and @haberer.lucie and @angeloashmore for their contribution with the TS integration.

Now, let's play with it and make great websites! Full changelog here.