Prismic NextJS starter with Typescript


I was looking into Prismic documentation and I saw remarkable improvements to typescript users.

I mean this

What I'm missing is prismic+nextjs+typescript starter. Maybe there is one and I can't find it. Things which I was able to find Search · org:prismicio-community nextjs · GitHub

I would love to see recommended way of using typescript with slicemachine.

So my questions would sound like this

  • Are there any plans for creating prismic/next/ts starter?
  • Are there any recommended projects to look up?
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hey @juskeviciusarn, I created in the summer which has TS support, but I still have not upgraded it to the newest version of the Prismic Typescript package. It's on my todo list, so I'll let you know when I have done it if you are interested

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Hi @juskeviciusarn,

We don't have any recommended starters right now, but it is something on our roadmap. We should hopefully have more integrations with typescript in the near future. When that's the case we'll update you here.