Cannot delete or unschedule a Release

I'm having this issue on at least two of my repositories. Would someone be able to assist?
Similar to Cannot delete an empty release, it soundslike something the prismic devs had to fix up. I attempted adding documents to the release and then deleting but the confirmation buttons to delete and unschedule simply do nothing.

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I have the same bug in my repos

Hi Team,

Can you provide us with the URLs of the repos where you're experiencing this?

Also, a screen recording would be helpful to clarify at which point you're encountering the problem.


@Phil repositories 'revivestudios' and 'alpackaraft' have the issue, here is a loom video link.
I also have a support ticket open with @Levi (#PCS-3606), but I thought sharing how this issue is resolved could be helpful to others.

Hi @here,

This should now be updated on all your repos. Give it a try and let me know :slight_smile:


The issue is resolved on both of the repositories, thank you!

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