Release and page: unabale to edit/publish/archive

We are experiencing an issue with an event page in a release. The event was scheduled to unpublish on April 29, but is still live.

Please help so we can remove this expired event from our site.

  • The page does not return in a search in production, live content
  • The release contained four events to unpublish on April 29.
  • Three of the events had been archived separately, but still appeared in the release. Prismic allowed me to delete those pages from the release.
  • We tried publishing the release now, rescheduling the release, and archiving all with no luck.
  • The event page is locked, we're unable to edit/archive the page either

Release, Events 4/29 release:

Event, RIMS 2021:

I think the release or pagef might be corrupt, but who knows. Do you have any recommendations for deleting the page? Is there something you can see that we can't?

Please advise.

The event has already taken place so we really need to remove the page.

Let me know what you discover. Thank you!

Hi Robin,

I'm really sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. I assigned it to myself and got distracted, my apologies again.

So looking at this issue I was able to recreate it and I'm passing it to the devs to investigate. My feeling is that this is a bug we've seen before and we might have a fix for it somewhere already.

I'll keep you updated once I find out more.


Thank you very much, Phil.

We'd love to have the April event removed from our site as soon as possible so our upcoming events are correct.

Thanks, again!

Hi Phil, Do you have an update for us?

This April event is still appearing online.

Thank you!

Hey Robin,

Sorry this is taking so long, the team are actively working on this, have identified the issue and are trying to resolve this for you as quick as possible.


Thanks, Phil.

It appears that the event and release have been removed. However all other releases have been deleted too. Please recover them for us ASAP!

Hi Phil,

I haven’t heard back, and I know you’re probably working on it, but we’re in a panic. We had a lot of new content in the release section and those pages have been deleted.

Can you recover them? One of our deadlines is today at 1 CT, 4/16:00 your time.

Please advise. Thank you very much!

I'm on it with the team now, sorry about this.

Thanks so much, Phil. We appreciate it!

We can roll back. Can you do a call with the team and I? Google meets?

OK, the team is rolling back and they found the problem in the task.

We're going to deploy a fix as well.

Sounds good. Thanks for the update!