Cannot embed Instagram posts


We've noticed a problem with our Embedded media slice, where the URL field no longer accepts Instagram URLs. The URL doesn't get saved when you save the document, however it does save if you enter a different website, such as Twitter. We haven't made any changes here, and have Instagram posts embedded on other pages (it just doesn't work when creating a new page), so we're not sure what the issues is.

Here's our slice:

"embedded_video" : {
            "type" : "Slice",
            "fieldset" : "Embedded Video",
            "description" : "*Not just videos, all embedded content*",
            "icon" : "video_library",
            "display" : "list",
            "non-repeat" : {
              "video_link" : {
                "type" : "Embed",
                "config" : {
                  "label" : "Video Link",
                  "placeholder" : "Paste a URL"
            "repeat" : { }

Any thoughts greatly received!

Hi Maris,

Welcome to the Prismic community,

I've been able to reproduce this issue (can embed Instagram videos).

Meanwhile can you please share with me (in a private message if necessary) your repository name.

I have created an issue for this in our tracker, and we let you know in case of any updates.


Have PM'd you the repository name

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Yes got it, thanks
We will let you know in case of any updates.

This thread is being monitored as an open ticket in the issue tracker. We will update this post as we get more information. If you have a similar use-case, you can ‘Flag’ this topic to reopen.

Hi @mfisher,
The issue has been fixed, can you please confirm?

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