Embed doesn't support youtube url in Prismic

I used this YouTube URL to Embed but it says it can't use this URL.
Please help me.

Hi Maksym,

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Can you please share with us the name of the repository that you are using (in a private message if necessary)?

I have tried to embed this video and it is working for me:

Looking forward to your reply,

I solved the issue myself.

Thanks, Maksym for letting us know, can you share the resolution of the issue for the benefit of the community.

Hi, Fares

I didnt use embed field from Rich Text content.
I solved this problem by just coding with Youtube ID


I store Youtube ID with Key Text field in Prismic and receive it from GraphQL.
My humble solution... :wink:


But at the moment, I want to know your solution.
Because I also want to store youtube URL with the Embed field in Rich Text content.

Do you make sense of what I mean?


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I have done a clone of your repository and tried the same query but it is working to embed a youtube video and even the video you have provided.

Can you try again, otherwise I would need to create an issue for this so that your dev team try to investigate further.

I solved
Thanks, @Fares

Awesome, can you please share the solution of the issue for the benefit of the community?

I didn't fill the GraphQL qurey correctly.

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Thanks for letting us know.

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