Cannot find offset in graphQl queries


I need to request allDocuments with pagination feature, and when i do so i can use the parameter first but there is no offset parameter.

The documentation on your website tells us that we can use offset for pagination.

Is it a lack of this feature or am i missing something?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @sebastien.vassaux, thanks for reaching out about this. The documentation mentions that you can use the after and before parameters.

Unfortunately the Prismic GraphQL API doesn’t currently support offset. But I will pass this along to our dev team and add it to our feature request tracker as a possible improvement for the future.

Chiming in here to say that this is must! Especially that the prismic docs mention the official spec and the official spec tells us first and foremost about the ‘offset’ key.

At the very bottom:
First example:

Thanks, I’ll let our dev team know!