Can't create repository

Hello everyone.
I have a weird problem, I can no longer create new repo. I got error 500 everytime, from the website ui and from prismic cli.
Does someone as a solution for this ?

Thank you !

Hi Team,

Welcome to the community!

I'll be happy to try and debug this with you. Can you try logging out and logging in again and then reattempt this?


Hi, thank you for taking time to answer !

But today, it just worked flawlessly, so problem solved, even if I don't really know why !

Yesterday, I tried logging out and in, I even tried with a new account, created only for this purpose, and nothing worked.

Strange. Next time this happens can you send me a screenshot of the error in the browser or the console? I should be able to debug further then. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, I'll do that !
Thank again for your time !

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