Can't get full info from Prismic in Gatsby

Hello. I created Singleton custom type and added the necessary information, then I made the settings in the documents section But for some reason, I'm not getting the information I want from Prismic in my Gatsby project

Hey Alex, welcome to the forum!

For the tab that you're showing in the screenshot, which is Nav3, you'll want to query body2 instead of body 3. I can see that you've created 8 tabs on the Top Menu Custom type. After the first one, a number will be appended to the body key, so in this case, Help & Settings will be body1, Nav 1 will be body2, Nav 2 will be body3 and so on and so on.

Try this query that i've created in body2

Let me know how it goes!

Hey Paulina Gavilan.
Thank you. I found the data I needed in the body2.

Then, can you help me with the second similar question?
I followed this article to create a Level 3 navigation menu. I created blocks in the documents section But I'm not getting the data I need in Gatsby

Of course, I'm always happy to help!

So, this is a known issue we've already tracked down. The problem comes from fields filtered out from the custom type. Basically GraphQL filters out field IDs that have being created from the Name wrote in capital letters.

An immediate workaround is to not use capital letters in custom type IDs. e.g. If your field name was 2nd item Name, you'll need to go to your Custom Type, erase the old Name and API ID and re enter the name of the field in lowecase, so: 2nd item name.

We're following up on this issue, when/if we tackle it in the near future I'll let you know in this same thread

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