Prismic type not displaying type tab data in GraphQL


I have created an Article type and within this type I have create a new tab named SEO and stored meta and structured data information.

I have this connected to Gatsby using "@prismicio/gatsby-source-prismic-graphql" and when I go into Graphiql and query the data the main tab fields are available however none of the SEO fields show up.

I have published the Article.

Any ideas of what I am missing / doing wrong?


Hello David, welcome to the Community!

When you make any changes to the Custom types and documents in your prismic repository, you need to then run gatsby clean in your project to delete the cache and have the most up to date version of the schema.

Also, make sure you're using the correct browser tool to test your queries which is the built-in Gatsby Playground.

Prismic also has The GraphQL API Explorer. This is meant to test queries when working with GraphQL but not for a Gatsby website . The schema definition is different from the Gatsby schema and won't work to test your Gatsby queries.

It's important to mention that we've moved away from supporting/documenting this plugin. We have a dedicated article if you're interested in learning the details about this process: Gatsby-Prismic plugins: what’s going on?. We highly recommend that you migrate your project to gatsby-source-prismic with the help of this guide: Migrate to the recommended plugin.

Hi Paulina.

Yes have done all that. The project I'm working on I actually don't have access to the types yet, so I made a vanilla version from scratch and it works as expected. So it seems that the issue is probably something to do with the content type. Hopefully I will get access shortly and be able to debug it and see what the issue is.

Thanks for the GraphQL API Explorer link and supplementary infomation.

Appreciate your thorough response,

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