Pulling tab data other than "Main" through on a repeatable post type

I feel like there is a bug with the Prismic repeatable type whereby any querying of the API only pulls back data inside "Main" ... it works fine when utilised with getSingle() but when doing either getByUID() or a custom predicates.at query for 'my.post.uid' seems to only ever bring back "Main"...

Is there a trick that I am missing? Can I pull through all tabs by default ...

It's related to this topic: Prismic type not displaying type tab data in GraphQL

Hi Kevri,

Welcome to the community!

Tabs are only a cosmetic organisation tool, all tabbed content should be delivered together in the API. Although if you have created a new Slice Zone you will need to specify this second Slice Zone in your query.

Does this help? If not you can send me an example from your GraphQL API Explorer.


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