Query to fetch certain Data

Hi, I would like to model my data so that I can use queries to get only relevant data.
Here is an example
There is an Article(Custom repeatable type) in which there will be a repeatable group of fields(repetable_data).
Inside these fields, I have a drop-down list(user_type) that contains 4 different user types and 1 bool value.
Now I can mark this Article to either 2 user types, or 1 or all 4 depending on the article so that this particular article will be associated with that number of user types.
Now I am using Rest API to get data as I am communicating from the Mobile app, how can I use the predicate to get something like q=[at(my.article.repetable_data.user_type, "user type 1")]

Hello @nelson-thomas.pereir thanks for reaching out.
I assume the user type is a Select field. In this case, you can use the at predicate

prismic.predicate.at('my.article.user_type', 'user type 1')

Here's the documentation for this predicate: