Can't get the blog example running on localhost


Followed all the steps. npm starts and localhost renders blank. I've created and published 1 post in prismic. How to debug?

Public API:

Joshua's-MacBook-Pro:jsiegel-pblog jsiegel$ prismic --version

Hey Josh, could you try with this version?

npm install prismic-cli@3.8.0-beta.0
yarn add prismic-cli@3.8.0-beta.0

Thanks @paulina.gavilan! Tried it again but still getting errors:

sudo npm start


gatsby-blog@0.1.0 start /Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2

gatsby develop

Debugger listening on ws://

For help, see:

success open and validate gatsby-configs - 0.174s

success load plugins - 4.481s

success onPreInit - 0.132s

success initialize cache - 0.028s

success copy gatsby files - 0.213s

success onPreBootstrap - 0.043s

success createSchemaCustomization - 0.031s


"@prismicio/gatsby-source-prismic-graphql" threw an error while running the sourceNodes lifecycle:

Response not successful: Received status code 404

ServerError: Response not successful: Received status code 404


Missing onError handler for invocation 'building-schema', error was 'Error: Cannot create as TypeComposer the following value: ImageFormat.'. Stacktrace was 'Error: Cannot create as TypeComposer the following value: ImageFormat.
at SchemaComposer.createTempTC (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/graphql-compose/lib/SchemaComposer.js:365:11)
at SchemaComposer.addAsComposer (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/graphql-compose/lib/SchemaComposer.js:563:27)
at processAddedType (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/gatsby/src/schema/schema.js:396:35)
at forEach (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/gatsby/src/schema/schema.js:321:9)
at Array.forEach ()
at addTypes (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/gatsby/src/schema/schema.js:247:9)
at updateSchemaComposer (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/gatsby/src/schema/schema.js:134:9)
at buildSchema (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/gatsby/src/schema/schema.js:61:9)
at build (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/gatsby/src/schema/index.js:105:24)
at buildSchema (/Users/jsiegel/jsiegel-pblog/jsiegel-blog2/node_modules/gatsby/src/services/build-schema.ts:19:3)'

That's really strange, lets try a few things to try to debug this together:

  • Have you verified the version of the cli to be the correct one?
  • Are you going to the URL of the post you created on Prismic?
  • Do you have any logs, errors that you could share with me, (screenshots)

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