Unable to access the Prismic repository

Hi folks,

since a couple of hours ago, we started to have the following error:


Invalid plugin options for "gatsby-source-prismic":

- gatsby-source-prismic(repo-name) - Unable to access the Prismic repository. Check that the
correct repository name and access token are provided.

not finished load plugins - 2.259s

 ELIFECYCLE  Command failed with exit code 1.

plugin: gatsby-source-prismic v5.2.10

We've been doing some debuggin and when trying to access the endpoint directly (passing the required params), we get an 500 Internal Server Error.

Do you happen to know what can be causing this?
I see that @prismic/client v7 was released yesterday, could it be related?

Thank you very much

UPDATE: this started working again after a few hours. The status page was not showing any issues yesterday, but today it says there were issues yesterday.
I think this might explain our problem, but is unfortunate that the status page took so long to be updated, would've saved us some debugging time.

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Hello @juan.manuel

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I am sorry for your experience. We had an issue yesterday and released a fix for it. Are you still getting the issue? If so, please share your repo name in a private message.
I suggest you check our status page for yesterday's incident: prismic.io - Status.


thank you Priyanka, luckily we didn't have this issue again

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We are starting to see this error after updating to @prismic/client@7.x, do you know how we can debug?


Hello @mike4

We experienced an increased error rate with the Public Content API yesterday. The issue was resolved.
Are you still getting some issues?
You can check the status here: https://status.prismic.io/