Gatsby plugin no longer finding repo

My plugin is now throwing an error.

Invalid plugin options for "gatsby-source-prismic":

- gatsby-source-prismic(REPO NAME) - Unable to access the Prismic repository. Check that the correct repository name and access token are provided.

I have not changed anything. What could cause my repo to no longer be found?

Hello @jonathan.wade, now sure what the problem could be if you haven't made any changes. Maybe there's an issue with the control version. Could it be possible that someone else on your team updated the code?

@Pau I am currently the only dev on this project. It feels that this has to do something with my repo... I have created a fresh Gatsby site with only the Prismic plugin, pointing to my repo and it's still giving the same error. It can't seem to find my repo.

How are you passing the repository name to the plugin options? manually or by using an env file?

This actually ended up being a Firewall issue implemented by my company. Had to install a cert on my machine. All is good and thank you!

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