Where are things going with Gatsby


"It says things will change in the future" now for more than half a year. Can you please elaborate where things are going with gatsby.
I am about to migrate away from the depricated graphql plugin and I'm not yet sure where to.

There's a new version of gatsby-source-prismic comming (馃搷 V4 Roadmap 路 Issue #307 路 angeloashmore/gatsby-source-prismic 路 GitHub).
Will that be official plugin for the next years or is there something from you to come soon?

Hello Oskar, welcome to the Community!

The documents you found are outdated. What you see on that page is an old version of the docs. You can find the new documentation here!

And the blog post refers to the now unsupported gatsby-source-prismic-graphql plugin; now we are working with gatsby-source-prismic.

If you were using the previous plugin, I recommend following the guide to migrate to the recommended plugin.

We will start working on modifying these documents and blogposts so that they are not indexed together with the updated Gatsby documentation.

Thanks for reaching out about this. Let me know if there鈥檚 anything else we can help you with

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