Gatsby + Prismic V4 Public Beta

Hey everyone!

:tada: The Gatsby + Prismic integration is being updated! :tada:

I'm excited to have everyone try it out in its current beta version and get your feedback.

A comprehensive list of new features and fixes is available here: "What has changed?" on GitHub

If you are starting a new project or have the ability to upgrade an existing project, please give the updated plugins a try.

:warning: Note: This is a beta release, which means there may be bugs or unintended behaviors.

We need feedback on real, complex projects, but we also don't want to compromise your website and development flow. Please keep this in mind if your project is already in production.

The official documentation on will be updated for the new plugins. Until they are officially published, all new documentation will be on GitHub, linked below.


Latest version: v4.0.0-beta.0

This is the same Gatsby plugin you use today, now with new features and a number of refinements. Preview functionality has been moved to its own plugin (gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews), described below.

Overview: gatsby-source-prismic on GitHub
Migration Guide: Migrate gatsby-source-prismic from V3 to V4


Latest version: v4.0.0-beta.0

This is a new plugin that handles all preview-related functionality. This was previously part of gatsby-source-prismic which has been extracted and rearchitected for better Prismic Previews support.

Overview: gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews on GitHub
Migration Guide: Migrating from gatsby-source-prismic

Providing feedback and reporting issues

If you have feedback or need to report a bug, please open an issue on GitHub so we can track features and fixes.

See all GitHub Issues
Open a GitHub Issue

Thank you! As always, we're open to any feedback and input, so please share!

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