Gatsby + Prismic Plugins V4 Release

Hey everyone!

:confetti_ball: V4 of our Gatsby + Prismic integration has been released :confetti_ball:

Many new features and fixes are included as part of the updated plugins. Check out the full list below.

As a reminder, our Gatsby integration consists of two plugins:

Getting Started
To learn more about how to get started with Gatsby and Prismic, you can check out the updated documentation here: Gatsby and Prismic - Prismic

Migrating to V4
To upgrade an existing Gatsby + Prismic project to the latest plugins, you can check out the migration guide here: Gatsby Migration Guide: gatsby-source-prismic V3 to V4 - Prismic

What has changed?

Prismic's Gatsby support has been split into two plugins: gatsby-source-prismic and gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews. New features and changes for each are described below.


This plugin is used to pull CMS data into Gatsby using Prismic's REST API.

  • Multiple repository support
  • Validate plugin options
  • Automatic Custom Types schema fetching (via the beta Custom Types API)
  • gatsby-plugin-image support
  • GraphQuery support (replacement for fetchLinks option)
  • Serve media files from Link fields locally via localFile field
  • Download image and media files only when queried for faster start-up times
  • Full support for Embed fields with oEmbed data
  • Full support for Integration Fields
  • Private plugin options, including repository names, access tokens, and schemas


This plugin is used to provide live previews client-side directly from the Prismic editor. The following changes are made over the preview functionality previously provided by the gatsby-source-prismic plugin.

  • Live refreshing as document changes are saved
  • Preview changes across all data and pages, not just the previewed document's page
  • Preview a release with multiple documents
  • Sharable preview links
  • Easier to use hooks and higher-order-components to integrate with your site
  • Private access tokens (optional)

If you have any questions or run into issues with the new plugins, please feel free to reach out for help.

Asking a question: Open a new topic on our community forum explaining what you want to achieve / your question. Our support team will get back to you shortly.

Reporting a bug: Open an issue explaining your application's setup and the bug you're encountering.

Suggesting an improvement: Open an issue explaining your improvement or feature so we can discuss and learn more.

Submitting code changes: For small fixes, feel free to open a PR with a description of your changes. For large changes, please first open an issue so we can discuss if and how the changes should be implemented.

Happy coding! :rocket: