Unable to access the Prismic repository. Check that the correct repository name and access token are provided

Hey folks,
Currently we're facing an issue with Prismic API, you can see in below image

We've been doing some debugging and trying to access the endpoint directly.
Do you know what can be causing this?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @trungdd ,

You can verify the API is working by hitting your API endpoint here:

Since it's working, this would suggest the issue is in your gatsby-source-prismic package. I've seen a few of these recently and it seems some deployment services have changed how the env variables were working with Gastby. Try hardcoding your repo name and access token into the project instead of using env variables to see if this helps.


Hi @Phil,
I'm trying to hardcoding my repo name and access token into the project but it still have this issue. It seem not correctly here is, with same codebase and I just only change my repo name & access token to my production env that is https://lumin-pdf.prismic.io/, it work fine.

Can you check it for me, we need this to work with our codebase soon when developing
Many thanks!

Hi @Phil,
Can you check this soon for me, our team need start in local development successful to debug

Hi @trungdd ,

I'm sorry I lost this one in my backlog.

I can see your API is still working fine:

This suggests the issue is in the project and/or deployment service. Are you caching the master ref at all?