Can't set first_publication_date & last_publication_date during import

Hello hello :wave:

We're moving our posts from WP to Prismic and would like to keep the original post and update dates the same for SEO reasons.

I can see via the API explorer that Prismic docs have both first_publication_date and last_publication_date values, but this data does not appear in the export JSON files nor is accepted when importing.

Is this by design? I'd rather not have to create two new key text fields to handle that but will (begrudgingly) do so if it is the only way :woozy_face:



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Hi @vitor1,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the delay.

In fact, this is a known issue, and it is similar to what discussed in this thread where it is not possible to edit those system fields, but an alternative way, as you have mentioned, is to create some custom DateTime fields and use them in your code.

Please let us know if you have other inquiries,

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