Document with no first_publication_date and last_publication_date

Hi I've came across a problem with some of my documents I've created today. They don't have any first_publication_date and last_publication_date. In fact, they are both null when I fetch the data. All of my documents before today were not null. I need those fields to not be blank since i'm using the first_publication_date. Also, when I fetch my documents and order them in descending order, the documents with no first_publication_date are at the end. It seems to me that this is a problem from the backend of Prismic.

I'm using nuxt.js btw.

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 4.45.02 PM

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Me too, same exact problem and it prevents me from publishing anything new because my Gatsby site can't build pages without publication dates.

2021-06-16 Prismic json


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Same issue here!!!

This is extremely problematic for us. Our system is down because of it.

Exactly! Ours as well: in the absence of timestamps we can't publish anything (none of the pages get generated by Gatsby Cloud)

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Any update from Prismic team on this issue?

Hello, @Ublo & @jeanr we are investigating at the moment.
Thanks for the report


We understood the issue that is related to the latest version that we released in beta (Bulk actions), we are rollbacking this version & are investigating to fix the root cause & your impacted your documents.

Thanks for your understanding.

We are experiencing similar issues. Looking forward to updates on fix.

While investigating on our side we experienced that we didn't receive updates on the field last_publication_date. Which we found odd. Not sure how it is intended to work.

Pretty annoyed that you would roll out a buggy beta version, which seems to impact the most basic elements of the system (proper timestamping is a feature of any CMS).
We use Prismic in a production environment, it is not a testing ground for us.

Hello @jeanr & @jonas.ahlsson

I understand your frustration and while we are solving the root cause and the issue. it might take us some time to fix the data in the actual documents.

If this blocking your current releases and work, what I would suggest as a workaround is to duplicate the actual documents that don't have any first_publication_date in the API and publish the duplicate.

After that archiving, you could also archive and delete the previous version that you created.

Thanks for your understanding, I'll update you as soon as we have more news

So the timestamp is working again for new documents ?

Yes @jeanr it is now.

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