Can't use GatsbyImage

According to Prismic one should use
"gatsby-source-prismic": "^4.0.0-beta.0" and "gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews": "^4.0.0-beta.16" and "gatsby-plugin-image": "^1.7.0", which I now use in my project. When I query the gatsbyImageData and pass it to a GatsbyImage component i get a 404 in the console. The image won't show if it's a jpeg or png, but a svg works, probably because Prismic has decided that svg:s are files and not images.
Anyone recognize this problem and has some input, will of course provide more info if needed.

Link to repo: GitHub - FagerKod/prismiclab

Hey @jimmy.fagerberg, thanks for reaching out!

Imgix recently updated their Gatsby plugin which processed image URLs a bit differently than before. I just published an update to gatsby-source-prismic and gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews that works with the updated Imgix plugin.

For reference, the current latest plugin versions are:

gatsby-source-prismic: 4.0.0-beta.17
gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews: 4.0.0-beta.18

Can you update and give it a try again? Thank you!

An update of the plugins worked as a charm, thank you!

You're welcome! Happy to hear it's working!