Caffeteria page using - Gatsby + Prismic

Hey everyone, i just finished my project using prismic source v4! Could someone give me some feedback what could i fix, make better? Here is the link
For mail i used sendgrid + mailchimp


Hey @zilibdev,

Glad you were able to get everything working with the V4 beta! And I see you fixed the issue where the homepage gallery didn't register onClick on the first render.

Everything looks great to me. Page transitions are quick. Images are lazy-loaded. I see you also have previews integrated. Is everything working there?

The only recommendation I have is to try out the Imgix gatsbyImageData field for your <GatsbyImage> components. Using the Imgix URLs will reduce your build times without sacrificing anything in the way you are using <GatsbyImage>.

To get Imgix URLs, a gatsbyImageData field can be queried directly on Image fields rather than withing localFile.childImageSharp.

Nice work!


Hey, to be honest everything work perfect! If you want, you can create some changes on my page if you are able to get into my account ( i cannot invite more anyone to my prismic repo ).
The second thing, your recommendation, it is a little bit confusing, but for gatsby it doesn't matter i am downloading the images from the imgix and using locale files. It only matters on local machine
It is my last merge build, and i have never have a error which i have on the local machine

Great, that build time is reasonable even with local files. I'm happy to hear everything is working. :slight_smile: