Prismic and Gatsby 5 Incompatibility Issues

Prismic's Github has an open issue to address support for Gatsby 5. This issue was said to be addressed in an update to Prismic Plugins that were meant to be released late December or early January, however, there has been zero updates to add support for Gatsby 5 to date.

I and a few others have commented on the ticket asking for an update on the planned release to support Gatsby 5, but Prismic people that manage the plugins have ghosted the issue and are refusing to respond.

All I'm looking for is an update on the planned release date for Gatsby 5 support so that I may pass that information along to my client. Is it possible to get the ball rolling on adding support for Gatsby 5??


+1 for this. I got access to their early release Gatsby plugin, but it's still not ready for production. The gatsby v5 branch has been sitting ready to be merged for over 2 months now.

My client has been waiting for the official release of this library for many months now since this is the last, and biggest, step of optimising the bundle size of the website.


Hello everyone.

We are preparing to release a significant update to our Gatsby integration. We don't have a fixed ETA for it, but we'll communicate publicly whenever we have a date.



This is a huge red flag about choosing Prismic as a CMS for anybody willing to start a new project with Gatsby in 2023. As advertised a few weeks ago on your site, you took 9 months to renew your site's landing page, and it seems everything else was left behind (at least on gatsby integration)...


Yeah I also really hope we can finally use Gatsby 5 with Prismic soon - it's the one and only plugin that is not supporting Gatsby 5 for me and since it is the core of every site I guess many others like me are completely blocked with the upgrade until this is solved.
Now I don't want to only nag - so prismic people: Do you need help? Can I do anything to speed up the process or support you? Shall I do a beta test or help you in any other way?


This would be great, I have a new project coming online, and I don't want to start with Gatsby4 only to go through the upgrade process shortly down the road. It is making me second-guess my choice in CMS too.


Hi everyone, I’m Angelo, the maintainer of Prismic’s Gatsby integration.

I’m sorry for the lack of communication around our support for Gatsby. I certainly would be frustrated and expect more from Prismic if I were in your situation, too.

There has been behind-the-scenes work to rewrite our Gatsby plugins that has yet to be released. That rewrite includes support for Gatsby 5, as well as a handful of other performance optimizations. There is more work needed before we can release them.

Rather than blocking you from upgrading to Gatsby 5, we can release interim versions of the current plugins with Gatsby 5 support.

Use Gatsby 5 with Prismic today

We just published an update to both of our Gatsby plugins that include support for Gatsby 5.

  • gatsby-source-prismic: v5.3.0
  • gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews: v5.3.0

Use the following command to install the latest versions:

npm install gatsby-source-prismic@latest gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews@latest

If you are updating an existing project from Gatsby 4 to Gatsby 5, remember to also go through the official Gatsby v4 to v5 migration guide here:

Please note that these new plugin versions do not include the performance optimizations included in the upcoming new major version. These updates are the same plugins available before today, just with updated peerDependencies and confirmed support for Gatsby 5.

The next major version

A complete rewrite of the Gatsby plugins is in progress and close to completion.

To be transparent with everyone, it is not currently in active development as the development team (including myself) has been redirected to other projects. We are a small team with limited time, which means we need to focus on projects that have a large impact for the majority of users. However, that doesn’t mean we want to leave others behind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Our team will be meeting to discuss how we can get the updated plugins into your hands. I’ll circle back to this post next week to give you an update on where we’re at.


Hey everyone,

The development team and I met this morning to discuss our future plans for Gatsby. Gatsby development is still on pause as we wrap up other projects, but we will be resuming in the upcoming months.

Please see the new Prismic + Gatsby 5 thread and subscribe to be notified when updates are available: Use Prismic with Gatsby v5 today

Thank you again for your patience! :heart:

— Angelo


Hi @angeloashmore did the Prismic team resume work on the new Gatsby plugins? We are eager to get these performance improvements implemented. Currently, our initial bundle size is huge with Gatsby 4/5 + Prismic due to all of the Previews. Very eager to roll this out to all of our Gatsby sites!

Hey @v-gdubow, currently we don't have any news to share. However, we're working on publishing changes as soon as possible to provide our users with the latest updates. For more information, please refer to Angelo's post to stay updated on when these updates will become available.

@angeloashmore Now that the new prismic client and nextjs libraries have been released, can we expect the new Gatsby plugin to be finalised as well?

From what I can see, it's 90% done and there are just a couple of bugs that need to be fixed it's officially released. My client has been struggling with Core Vital scores and have been eager to get this merged for over 6 months

Hey @kris, Gatsby is the next project on my list. There are still a few elements to the Next.js updates I'm working on, primarily updating our documentation and education around the changes.

You are correct that the Gatsby work is ~90% done. As soon as I am able to start work on Gatsby again, I will post in the Use Prismic with Gatsby v5 today thread. I intend to re-start that work next month, but please understand timelines may shift.

Thank you for being patient! I understand it is frustrating.

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