Can't use open new tab after post 20

I can show post more than 20 with code pageSize : 100 and link to all post work as well. But after post 20, i can’t use open newtab link to post. Please help me.

Hi @mbandit001, thanks for reaching out. Can you clarify what your issue is some? I’m afraid I don’t completely understand yet.

Can you share more code snippets or images/videos so that we can better understand the problem?

Sorry for that.So i capture my screen, I can’t use right click and open new tab in after post 21 but post 1-20 work. Do you understand me ? sorry for my explain.

@mbandit001 This is very strange. I’m not sure why or how this could happen without taking a closer look at things. Can you share the code for your website application so that I can investigate why this might be happening?

You can either send a zip file of your project code or a link to github. If you don’t want to share it publicly here, you can send me a direct message instead.

Okay, I will send message to you.

Hey, We ran your project and found that the pageSize : 100 parameter was missing, it wasn’t added like in the screenshot you shared with us in this thread. Maybe it got deleted accidentally?

I added it and the pages started working as expected.

This is the page 21. It’s uid is: install-ssmtp

Oh i get it. Thanks you :grin: