Release preview limited to 20 documents


I have setup the Prismic Preview mode on our website and it works fine.
I have then tried using it with the "Release" feature and same, it works fine but seems limited to only display the first 20 documents included in the release. This oddly seems related to the default size of the API request to Prismic.

I have the same setup as listed in your documentation: Previews with Next.js - Documentation - Prismic (that has a minor typing error for the "preview.ts" file when using TypeScript btw).

Is there a configuration somewhere I am missing to increase the default size of 20? Or is there an issue in how the Preview component works for Releases?


Hi @ga1

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please add a link to the release page that you get using the API browser (you can share that in a private message)?
That will help me investigate the issue on my side.

The part that I don't understand it that why would the page size be an issue (you can get the next pages, no?), anyways when using the rest API, you can normally increase the pageSize to 100, did you try that, and doesn't work? You can refer to this document for more.

Looking forward to your reply,