Change integration field in export/import


For a client we need to switch the endpoint used by our custom integration field. Unfortunately, the new endpoint uses different IDs for the same product than the previous endpoint. We do have a way to map the old IDs to new IDs, however, we were unable to make the changes in Prismic.

What we tried: the integration field was updated to the new URL and a sync was completed. The export functionality was used to obtain all documents as JSON. In these files, for each product, the integration field reference was changed to include the new ID. The changed files were imported into Prismic. The validation step in Prismic shows that the imported documents are correct. But after visiting the product in Prismic the integration field is empty when looking at the newly imported revision/release of that document. Prismic does recognize the new products, just not through the import function.

Hi Mark,

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I'm talking with the team about your use case. One question we have is whether you can see the products being returned in the Prismic API?


OK, so I followed up and 'integration fields' is not supported with import/export at the moment. So unfortunately what you're trying will not work.

I'll log this as a feature request, although this isn't something that the team is working on at the minute. If/when this changes or if the team needs more info we'll update you here.


This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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