Check what language document has been published

I have a Static Site (gatsby) which is multilingual.

When a document in French is changed I want to trigger a webhook to build ONLY the French site.
I was hoping Webhooks would offer some guidance on which languages have been changed/publshed and put in a request here - Add Language/Multilingual endpoint in webhook but it looks like it's gone stale so I'm exploring other options.

I wonder if anyone else has written something similar or can advise the way they have built it on their site.

my new idea is to send the webhook to a lambda function, use the documents part of the webhook...

"documents": [    "X6LcjhAAAB8AUJwb" // The published docucment  ],

then look up that document in the API, find the lang, then if the lang = FR then trigger another webhook to build just the FR site.

I guess my question is whether the API offers this kind of ' lookup a document by its ID and see what's changed' solution?

Hello @thejuniperstudio, thanks for reaching out!

What you have suggested is the best option. Webhooks don't tell you exactly what has changed within a document and only retrieve the id of the modified document; so querying the document by language is the best way to do it. The IDs are individual by document and by language. So you would only need to query by ID and then relieve the language of the document.