Conditional Webhook Trigger on Tag contents

Hi there,

Having done a quick search, I am going to assume this doesn't exist yet, so please could this count as a feature request.

I currently have a single Prismic repo which has content for multiple domains. Currently a build would be triggered for every site regardless of which domain the content belongs to.

So my request would be to trigger a webhook based on the contents of a tag or better yet trigger a webhook when a specified Collection is updated since that has the filter logic built in?



Hi Andrew,

Thank you for contributing to the Prismic community.

I don't know if I understood correctly, I would say you can use tags but this should be implemented on your side.

Meaning after a Webhook gets triggered then you can fetch the changed documents that are returned in the documents fields in the payload and build the app if a tag belongs to it.

Apart of that workaround, I'm not sure if we want to implement such behavior in the Webhook but I will create a feature request and send it to our Production team.

Looking forward to your reply,


Hi Fares,

Thanks for your response, and I completely understand if it doesn't get implemented, I am working under tight cost constraints (otherwise I would add other content repos), so I will be implementing something on my side in the interim.

To be clear on why I am asking for this is as follows: When a document gets published for a single site, I don't want every netlify site to trigger a deployment when it is only necessary for a single site to rebuild.

Thanks again


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