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Hi guys,

I’m having an important problem here with Prismic, I published a blog post, I updated it with new content then clicked on “published”. Problem is only I can see the updated content when I visit the link, everyone else see only the first version of the blog post.

I tried to duplicate the blog post and published it, but still having the same problem.
The support team told me to post my issue here, so here I am. If anyone has an idea on what’s happening here?

Thanks guys

Hello Damola and welcome to the Prismic community forum!

So you’re saying that the published changes aren’t being reflected on the live site, is that correct?

I saw a link you shared with one of my teammates on Intercom. In this link, I’m able to see the ‘updated version’ that you were also mentioning on Intercom (The ‘team’ and ‘disclamer’ sections).

Could you share with me a visual example of what exactly your colleagues can’t see?

Well it’s working now… I changed absolutely nothing…

Thanks for your reply

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HI Paulina,
We are having this same issue with our site. Are you able to help?

We have made several changes, and publish them, but they don’t show on the live site. URGENT help needed with this, if anyone can help please?
Thank you

Hello Patrick, of course!

Could you give me some more details about your case?
Sometimes when a change is made inside Prismic and it doesn’t get automatically reflected in the live version is because something needs to be rebuilt in the code of the project.

Take a look at this similar thread where I was talking about this, having to delete the cache and needing to rebuild:

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