Convert Custom Type into new Page Type (slice-machine-ui v1.1.0)

Hi team

Is there a migration guide on how to convert "old" custom types, that were used for pages, to the new page types available in slice-machine-ui v1.1.0? What are the key points that we have to take care of?

I'd love to use the new feature asap :slight_smile:


Hey @andre.lergier, here's a migration guide for the latest version of Slice Machine

I think for migrating old custom types you just need to add the json to the customtypes folder of your project, you can find this information in the changelog of the versions when running Slice Machine.

Hey @Pau, thanks for you quick reply.

I meant a migration guide from v1.0.3 to the recently released v1.1.0.
As mentioned in the changelog inside Slice Machine, it will be possible to do this automatically in a future release:

In future releases, they will be convertible into page types.

I now was wondering, if it's possible to do this manually with the current version.

I just found out that it's quite simple. You only have to add the following key to the JSON of the current/"old" Custom Type:

  "format": "page",

Hmm thanks for sharing. Do you know if it can live in a separate folder? All of my custom types are inside the customtypes folder.