Slice machine wants to delete types after version update

I am updating the slice machine version from 0.0.46 to 1.26.0 but getting an issue where the custom types are getting deleted.

How can I sort this issue? Can I get to any other older version instead of 1.26.0 to sort this issue?

Hi @anu ,

I think what's happening here is that you'll need to have a Custom Types folder with all your types, like shown here:

Slice Machine is checking the difference between your local project and what you have in Prismic. It sees no local files, so it suggests deleting the Custom Types in Prismic, as if they have been removed locally.

You will need to create the files locally by copying and pasting the Custom Type JSON into local files like in the sample project.

This guide might also help.

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Thanks for the solution. I have tried the same and it seems to be working.

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