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I want to delete some custom types but I am really struggling. I can delete them from slicemachine on my local machine but can't get them to delete from the prismic dashboard. When I click create new the custom types show up.
I have read about using curl to do it which didn't work for me (might be doing this wrong). I also read about disabling and then being able to delete but can't find a disable button anywhere on dashboard or slicemachine.

Hi Thomas,

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Thanks for bringing this up, the team is currently working on making it easier to remove Custom Types and Slices using Slice Machine.

In the meantime, the best way is indeed as you suggested to use a curl request:

You can use postman to help you do this. Just enabled the permanent token in the Custom Types API tab of your repo.

(Alternatively, you could re-enable the legacy builder in your repo settings and delete the custom type from there.)

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Hi everyone :wave:

Thanks for your valuable feedback concerning deleting Custom Types!

:slight_smile: I am reaching out to invite you to our usability testing sessions.

The product team at Prismic is working on Custom Types deletion.

We’d love to understand your use case and get your feedback on few screens, in order to design this feature the best way possible for you.

:spiral_calendar: We are currently scheduling participants for these video feedback sessions.

If you’re interested, please book a slot to talk to us .

We will be kicking off our sessions this week. The session will be run through Google Meet and will take around 45 minutes to complete. As a thank you for your time, we'll provide you with an $35 USD gift card.

What to expect during the session:

  • We will show you a design prototype for Custom Type deletion in Slice Machine.
  • You’ll share your screen with us and talk us through how you’d expect to use this feature.
  • We’ll also ask you some questions based on the prototype and your particular use case.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Usability testing to delete a Custom Type? I'm a developer myself. I understand CRUD and I'm sure you guys do to. There has to be some other reason you guys haven't added the ability to delete "Custom Types" through your interface. I already sent a message to you guys and this is scaring me off Big time. Why wouldn't I just use Wordpress and their API? It's a really simple question? I'll tell you why, because I want to create my own proprietary application I can eventually sell for a lot of money, you've definitely got me looking into other options. I want to go with you guys, but add a full CRUD for your users. I haven't even pushed my Custom Type to my site yet and you want me to query an API to just delete a misadded Custom Type. Usability, you have to have the functionality to test that usability first. Instead I have to go and use a 3rd party application to interact with your paid service. What If I didn't already have Postman, didn't know what it was? I do, but I wanted to give you guys some constructive criticism. I mean I can do anything as far as writing in this field, but I can't have a button where I delete a custom type. It would be one thing if I had already pushed it. I get why you don't want to create a delete button now, it's because of a syncing issue. I think I understand now. Man, I see why but it definitely needs to be refined. I will get into Postman. This seems like a great product, though. Hoping that is.


Thanks for the feedback.

We know that it is essential to add this functionality to the Slice Machine UI as it existed in the Legacy Builder. We are working to add this feature as soon as possible. You can get news about this by following our progress page.

Not having feature parity for extraordinarily basic stuff like delete is really scaring me away from this slicemachine modeling altogether.


I agree with Paul. We are now in January. And still no deletion. When can we expect to have it?

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Hello @dduboeuf, Our Slice MAchine team continues to improve Slice Machine by adding a long-requested feature. Slice Machine users will be able to delete Slices directly in Slice Machine. It's in work progress: What's new - Prismic.

In the meantime, use the Custom Type API to delete Custom Types.


This is an embarrassing feature to be missing...

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@ryangustafson I understand it's frustrating, but my team is working hard to improve the Slice Machine feature. This feature will be coming soon. Thanks.

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We're happy to announce that our new version of Slice Machine 0.7.0includes the long-requested feature: Slices and Custom Types deletion. :tada: :rocket:

With this version, users can delete Slices and Custom Types directly in Slice Machine. This will significantly simplify the Slice management workflow, avoiding the hassle of using the Custom Types API for Slice deletion.

I've got to agree with the others on this, we are using an older version and to not have CRUD is insane. The instructions themselves on how to delete a custom type via postman is also not very clear to be honest.