Delete slice saved in "Slices Library"


I'm new to Prismic, and did a bunch of playing around, and now I have some "garbage" slices in my "Slices Library".

How do I delete these?



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Hi Justin,

I presume you're talking about Slices built with Slice Machine, am I right?

To remove Slices all you need to do is delete the Slice folder from within your project files and then it will be no longer available to choose from the Prismic Builder. You will then just need to Push your Custom Type to Prismic again.

We are working to integrate this functionality into the local builder as soon as we can.


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Can you describe what you mean by Slice Folder? I don't see any slice folder.... I need to delete some old slices that are no longer used but still exist in my Slice Library. When I retrieve my types from the custom types API it doesn't exist there, but still exists in my Slice Library tab which has no options for deleting...

Hey @tannerjuby1, if you're using Slice Machine, you should see a /slices folder at the root level of your project.

I am not using slice machine

Thanks for the clarification, we made that assumption because the original thread was talking about Slice Machine. Can you elaborate on your issue? what do you need to modify in your project or repository?

I had created some Slices and added them to my Slice Library via the Prismic Dashboard. Some of these slices are not longer necessary and I'd like to delete them from my Slice Library but this simple functionality does not exist.

Hi Tanner,

Can you send is a screenshot of exactly where you mean when you say Slice Library?


Sure thing. I do realize now that this thread has the "Slice Machine" topic, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong location and should open a different thread, this question just seemed appropriate.

Here is a screen shot from the Prismic Dashboard where you can save a slice to your Slice Library and another of your Slice Library when adding a slice.

Unfortunately, I have found no way to remove a slice from your Slice Library once its been added. You can delete the slice from the custom types you've added it to, but not from the Library itself.

Thanks for sharing this information. We've opened a ticket in the backlog for this issue. Whenever we get an update we'll update this same thread.


I'm having the exact same issue. You can delete things from the "Slice Machine" but I can't see a way to remove things from slices made within a model (what seems to be the OLD slice system).

Hello @dhayes

Thanks for reaching out to us.

We have already created this issue in our issue tracker, and the Slice Machine team will be working on this issue. But I don't have any ETA for the moment. You can use Custom Type API to delete slices from the Prismic builder.


Hi. the Custom Type API seems to only work with slices from the Slice Machine. It won't let me list or delete slices that are saved in the "Library".

If I can't remove them, then how can I hide these slices from our content managers?

It's really confusing when many slices have been created when experimenting in development.
Would adding Slice machine to an already existing setup help this?

Hello @seanl

Welcome to the Prismic community.

It's not possible to delete Slice library Slices at the moment. Our team will update it at some point as we are already tracking it as a feature request. I don't have any ETA, though. We will update you once it's get done.


How in the world does this feature even get included without being able to remove the slices.

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Hello @robbo.clancy

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

As I mentioned before, you can delete Slice Machine Slices with the help of Custom Type API. It's not possible to delete Slice library Slices at the moment. But I believe It shouldn't be a blocking point working with the Slice Machine.
As we mentioned earlier, our team is working on the Slice Machine improvement, and it will be available at some point.


I think @robbo.clancy has a valid point.

As I understand it, I can't use Slice Machine unless I use React or Vue.