Delete Slice from Slices Library (not from Slice Machine)

Hi, I'm new to Prismic and need to delete some test slices I created. A similar question has been asked before. My slices appear in a tab called 'From The Slices Library'. They are not in the 'Slice Machine'. See attachment.

I read the docs, and they mention the 'Slice Machine', but couldn't find anything about the 'Slices Library'. If someone cares to explain what this is, it would be great.
Thank you so much.

Hi Mauricio,

Welcome to the community!

I agree what you see on this screen is confusing and I have brought it up to the team.

What you see in the 'From The Slices Library' tab are the Slices you made in the local Prismic Builder, what you see in the 'From Slice Machine' tab are Slices from a library built by a well-known contributor. We will now look to remove this 'From Slice Machine' tab as it's confusing and we will in the near future provide a different way to install the Slices in that tab.

I will update you here once I have more information from the team.


This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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