How to delete custom slices using CLI (SliceMachine)?

Hello Community,

Is there a command to delete custom slices using the CLI? I ran prismic sm --help but did not see that as an option. Or is there a way to do this in the SliceMachine and/or Storybook UI?

Else, I think I managed to delete manually by deleting the slice folder + import from the slice/index.js — anything else I should consider?


Hello Patrick,

Thanks for posting this question to us.

There is no command yet to delete a slice. You need to delete it manually by deleting the folder. I understand how important it is to delete a created slice, but Slice-machine is still in beta, and our team is working on it to improve its feature.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Hi Priyanka,

thanks for the fast response. I totally understand about things being in beta, thought I'd just double check. Will go manual till further notice :slight_smile:


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