Delete slice saved in "Slices Library"

Hello @seanl

I understand this point is valid. As I mentioned earlier, our team is working on the Slice Machine improvement, and it will be available at some point.

You can only use Slice Machine with Next.js or Nuxt.js frameworks.


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Hello @Priyanka ! Do you know if the deletion of a slice type has been completed since february. When the backlog issue was created?
Without the possibility to delete elements (slice type in this case), the CMS becomes more and more polluted as the time goes. And becomes harder to maintain
I hope this CRUD will be finalised soon :slight_smile:

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Hello @thomas.vermot-gauchy,

Welcome to Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

Our team is currently working on Slice deletion, which will be coming out in a future release.
You can check this link for its progress.


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Glad to see it's progressing!
Thank you for your commitment

I find it amusing how the whole thread is about deleting slices created in the legacy builder and saved via the “Add slice to library” button, yet everyone from the Support team keeps talking about Slice Machine which is totally unrelated if I understand it correctly.

Even the page with progress shared above states: “ Slice Machine users will be able to delete Slices directly in Slice Machine.” Which again does not suggest resolving the problem at hand—slices added to “the library” are living somewhere in a void and there's no way of getting rid of them.

Hello @jan.myler, Thanks for joining the conversation. We mention Slice Machine because it is the new main builder for Prismic. All changes made in the future will be directed toward Slice Machine. It is less likely that the functionality related to the Legacy Builder and its components will be modified.

I totally understand that. Could you confirm if it will be possible to delete the legacy slices via the new Slice Machine feature upgrades or will it be left unattended?

With the new workflow, all new repositories are presented with the option to start with Slice Machine or the Legacy editor. This means that there is no possibility to mix both content modeling builders. If you are using a slightly older repository that still has access to both options, we recommend sticking with Slice machine from now on to avoid conflicts.

Meaning all the new features will be shipped for the Slice Machine and the Legacy editor will remain as is? I.e. there still won't be a way for folks using the legacy slices to delete them from the library?

We don't have a ETA for changing this functionally. We'll update this thread if we start working on this approach.

I faced the same problem, any updates? Marketers told me to clean up old slices put in order prismic. But I can't delete slices on "From the Slices Library" tab.