Correct io.prismic.preview cookie not showing up in Inspect -> Application

Hello everyone,

We're trying to get prismic previews set up on our website but are running into some problems. I believe we've managed to set up some things correctly, as the Preview Toolbar is showing up on all pages of our website in Preview mode. However, when trying to retrieve any previews, the page just flashes "Fetching Previews..." before returning a blank page.

I'm not sure exactly what the issue is, but I tried following the steps outlined here:

I don't think the correct io.prismic.preview cookie is showing up, as there is none at all when looking under our repo name in Inspect -> Application. However, I tested the token with the Rest API browser by grabbing the token directly from the URL after trying to preview from the Prismic Dashboard, and the page loads fine.

Could there be any simple reason why we are unable to fetch the previews? Thanks in advance!

Hello @Ethan, thanks for reaching out!

I can see you're using Gatsby. You need to follow this dedicated guide to learn how to get previews working:

Also, if you're using a past version of the Preview setup in gatsby, we have a guide that helps you migrate to the latest preview plugin

Let us know if this is helpful