Create 3 level deep Breadcrumb in Gatsby


I am trying to create a breadcrumb component in my Gatsby app.

This is my GraphQL query, in which the parent_article is the relationship field. The problem is that I get only the ID of the parent_article, whereas I need the whole document to get the related title and slug.

I have used "gatsby-source-prismic" to connect gatsby app and prismic.

Here's my relationship schema in prismic.

Am I missing something here?

Hello @neetinzwt,

Thanks for posting to us.

Please verify the following points:

  1. Have all documents been published?
  2. There should be json files in your schema directory in your project, which should be the same as the one in Prismic.

If so, try running gatsby clean command and run your project again.

Let me know after trying this, If still doesn't solve the problem we can work together to solve this.


I fixed the issue after upgrading 'gatsby-source-prismic' pluging to version 3.3.1

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