Create a custom tag

Is this still the most up to date reference for creating a custom tagging system?

Should it be possible to add the same linked element more than once to a page?
e.g. using the method described in the link above, when you are on the document ad adding multiple tags to your document, it lets you add the same tag more than 1 time. This doesn't really make sense, as why would you want a linked document (tag, category etc) added more than once?

Hi @tim ,

Thanks for posting this question!

Yes, that's still the most up-to-date reference. This is a good point about the custom tagging system, and I'll flag it with the product team.

For reference, if you create a custom tagging system and apply the same one tag twice to a document, and then query the API by that tag, the document will only be returned once.

If you use Prismic's built-in tagging system, then it will prevent double-tagging.


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