Use Content RelationShip for tag system


My website has a "Portfolio" Custom Repeatable Type.
A "Work" can have several tags like "visual identity", "website", "flyer"...
The listing page features a filter system (when you active a tag, all items having this tag will appear)

I thought I could create all theses tags (custom type TAGS), and use Content Relationship, but only ONE Content can be linked, so i can't link a Work to several tags.

What is the best way to handle this?
Thanks a lot!


is 'Work' also a Custom Type, or is it a tag, or a link field?

The best way to add more complex tags is to create a custom tagging system:

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Hi Pau :wink:

Work is a Custom Type.
But i can't link several Work to an Item.

Thanks for the link, i'll check that! The Group field is a good idea!


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