Creating RichText with custom labels


I'm struggling a bit now. My problem is that I have to update model.json manually. When using RichText element, model.json StructuredText type is created inside, which I have to update with my own custom labels.

Example bellow

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 10.49.15

Is there a way to update RichText to include these labels?

Hello Arnas,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Your approach is correct to create labels manually in the rich-text field. When you update the model.json file, you need to push your slice again to the Prismic UI. Are you sending it again?
What error are you facing?

I’m eager to receive your feedback.


Hello, Priyanka,

Everything is working. Sorry for not communicating my problem well.

I will try it do it again with example.

What i'm expecting is that after creating new slice with RichText field, model would already have my custom labels.

The problem is that every time adding new richtext element I need update labels manually. Problem is that our team is from 7 FE devs and details like this some times is missed.

I understand your point. It can be a little troublesome to update labels manually every time.

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