Updating fields in Slice Machine on slice wipes custom labels from model.json

Hi, I'm not sure if this is intended behaviour but updating any field in any slice will wipe out custom labels I have added to model.json - I'm using custom labels heavily across my project and I need to make sure they are not deleted when I'm adding or updating fields in slices.

Is this something that can be tackled asap? It's very inconvenient and currently I have to remember to re-add them and be careful not to wipe them from my models. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey @dmakos Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. As you've discovered, custom labels added to the model.json file do work when you manually edit the file. However, if you use Slice Machine and make any changes to the content model, the custom edits will, unfortunately be overridden. This is how the Rich Text field works at the moment.

We understand that this behavior can be inconvenient for you.
At the moment, the recommended approach to preserve custom labels, if they are crucial for the content editing of your documents, is to manually edit the model.json file after making changes in Slice Machine and avoid editing it afterward. Or have a process of adding them if that Custom type or Slice is edited constantly, you'd need to add them each time.

We appreciate your feedback on this matter, as it helps us identify areas for improvement.

Hopefully we will see custom labels in Slice Machine in the nearest future - this would solve this issue :slight_smile: Thank you.

Merged here: