More Rich Text Formatting Options?

Hi @rrkuepper, sorry that I wasn't clear. You have the ability to use subscript, superscript, strikethrough, or any other custom styling option using Rich Text labels. Here is an article that explains how to do this:

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Got it working, thanks!

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.02.52 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.03.10 AM


@Phil, please when you guys work on the editor, you guys should include common Html elements such as code, abbreviation, and time. This gives us better SEO effects than the use of labels which basically renders span elements with class names :rage:

I do like Prismic, at least, but it looks like issues take time to get resolved by the team. This is not impressive.


Thanks for the feedback Harrison, this extra information for your use case is really helpful.

I’ve passed this extra information to the product team who will take it in to consideration when they begin changes on the editor.

The best way to model your custom types in Prismic so that your can use proper html code & quote tags would be to create unique Slices for each one of those use cases. In each Slice you will have a key text field and you can send that data to pre-configured components in your project which will render the data in the correct tags.

Alternatively you can create a custom html field to add the full HTML tags.

If/when the team release any changes to the editor they will update you here.

Hello Phil, while I can go on and create lots of slices, which I am very ok with, Prismic still does not help. The graphql api of prismic does not allow post requests, it only allows get requests. If one is not careful in the use of slices, he ends up hitting 413 error from prismic nginx server, due to too much graphql fragments in the query parameter.

This is the most annoying thing about prismic and the thing i fear most. Because someday, i might not be able to scale my platform due to this issue. I have used prismic on two projects now and I keep hoping that you guys will soon support post requests on your graphql api, just like every other server.

I will create a separate ticket for this. It is a big problem. Massive one.


I had a similar problem which I expressed here and this thread resolved nicely. Thanks Phil!

However, labels are still very limiting. What if I want to add more than one label to the same text? What about coloring text? What about font family? There could be hundreds of colors and font families, and then if I want to combine them...

Hey again Gibran,

I agree the limits of labels especially when it comes to more than one label on a string isn't ideal and is why we want to overhaul the rich text editor.

Although I'm not sure if having default selections for hundreds of colors and fonts is something that we plan to implement. We recommend styling such as this to be implemented in the CSS of your project. Though I would have to see what the @features-team would say about this.

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Hey there! I don't really understand the conversation in this forum but I'm hoping someone here can help! I want to underline some text in my Rich Text Area but I can't find the option for this? Underline is super common and basic so I thought it would be enabled by default? For reference here is what I have enabled on the Rich Text.

Hi Team,

To add extra styling properties you can add rich text labels which wrap the text in a <span> tag that includes a CSS class, you can then add style for that class like underlining in your case:

The team is aware of the requests for more built-in rich text formatting options and plan to integrate them once we overhaul the rich text editor. There are no ETAs for when that will happen right now though.


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Hey, Phil! Am I right in thinking that the recent updates to rich text still don't support blockquote styling, and that the Prismic team recommends creating a blockquote slice? IIRC, the suggestion to use labels didn't work (or wasn't advised) for blockquote styling, specifically. I'm really hoping that the rich text overhaul clears a path (or sets a foundation) for native, inline blockquote support. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Dan,

There haven't been any recent updates to the rich text editor, so as you suggested the best option is still to use a Slice. Also yes the Rich Text Labels option doesn't serve the purpose of adding HTML tags around text. More formatting options, including native inline blockquote support, is in the editor teams path. Although, this work will likely begin in the second half of this year.


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You should add basic HTML tags like <sup>, <sub>, <abbr> or <blockquote> in you rich text editor and not force us to use label (only configurable in JSON Editor by the way..) that allow us to use css class instead of HTML element that have potentially a semantic purpose (think about accessibility for example).
CSS cannot replace the semantic purpose of some HTML element. And We cannot ask to our marketing team to enter content in HTML by working around the prismic rich text limitation and using only PRE option.
You need to propose a real rich text editor, you saying in you article that

you can customize the structured text with whatever formatting options you need

But it is not true it has more limitation unless you add more formatting option and labels should not be the only answer to this need.


It's now June 2023 and I'm seeing Phil mentioning that the Prismic team wanting to overhaul the rich text editor as far back as October 2020. At this point in June 2023, there still is no way to assign a color to a part of the text or being able to apply multiple labels. Also, setting up the labels that are available can still only be done via JSON and not in slicemachine. It's pretty ridiculous that it's been over 3 years and it sounds like not much has changed at all. I feel like I'm wasting my time even typing all this as I'm seriously losing faith in the Prismic team to create a quality product. It's a seriously frustrating developer experience!


Hopefully we can see this come to fruition soon! I now struggle with an issue where adding/updating fields in slice will wipe custom labels from model.json

same here :(

Hi Team,

Our new page builder has been in development for a while now, and we're happy to tell you it's now in Alpha :slight_smile: :tada:

Although, for now, more rich text formatting options are not yet available, once the new builder is fully released, it will give us the flexibility to quickly iterate and add new features based on feedback from users like you.

You can read about the page builder in the link below.

The page builder is still in ALPHA, so there are some features that are not ready (PLEASE CHECK THE LIST).

Join the waitlist to try Prismic's new Page Builder to edit your website.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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