More Rich Text Formatting Options?


You should add basic HTML tags like <sup>, <sub>, <abbr> or <blockquote> in you rich text editor and not force us to use label (only configurable in JSON Editor by the way..) that allow us to use css class instead of HTML element that have potentially a semantic purpose (think about accessibility for example).
CSS cannot replace the semantic purpose of some HTML element. And We cannot ask to our marketing team to enter content in HTML by working around the prismic rich text limitation and using only PRE option.
You need to propose a real rich text editor, you saying in you article that

you can customize the structured text with whatever formatting options you need

But it is not true it has more limitation unless you add more formatting option and labels should not be the only answer to this need.


It's now June 2023 and I'm seeing Phil mentioning that the Prismic team wanting to overhaul the rich text editor as far back as October 2020. At this point in June 2023, there still is no way to assign a color to a part of the text or being able to apply multiple labels. Also, setting up the labels that are available can still only be done via JSON and not in slicemachine. It's pretty ridiculous that it's been over 3 years and it sounds like not much has changed at all. I feel like I'm wasting my time even typing all this as I'm seriously losing faith in the Prismic team to create a quality product. It's a seriously frustrating developer experience!


Hopefully we can see this come to fruition soon! I now struggle with an issue where adding/updating fields in slice will wipe custom labels from model.json

same here :(

Hi Team,

Our new page builder has been in development for a while now, and we're happy to tell you it's now in Alpha :slight_smile: :tada:

Although, for now, more rich text formatting options are not yet available, once the new builder is fully released, it will give us the flexibility to quickly iterate and add new features based on feedback from users like you.

You can read about the page builder in the link below.

The page builder is still in ALPHA, so there are some features that are not ready (PLEASE CHECK THE LIST).

Join the waitlist to try Prismic's new Page Builder to edit your website.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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