Rich Text: Underline Attribute

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Rich Text should offer the ability to underline text. It allows bold and italics, but not underline?

Issue that it solves:

Helps Prismic's Rich Text come closer to being an actual Rich Text Format. The current Rich Text implementation lacks A LOT of basic concepts you see in every other Rich Text Field on any other CMS...

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

Hey @tannerjuby1, check out this open feature request:


This request is over two years old and the suggested path is to use Labels, which were originally built to add custom element types... And now Prismic has repurposed the concept of labels to require content modelers to implement the basic functionality that Prismic fails to implement on their Rich Text field... Like really?

It's unfortunate and extremely frustrating that the product team seems to ignore any popular feature requests by the community that actually uses this subpar "RichText" field. Using labels for basic formatting is lazy solution, that's not what labels are meant for.

We try to prioritize the most requested features and the ones that impact the most. If you're curious and wanna know more about all our current work, check out our progress page: