WYSIWYG (Rich-Text) Sub-Bullets for UI and OL's

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Even the most basic WYSIWYG editors on all platforms support sub-bullets, this is a point of contention for us (and I am sure many) when using Prismic.

Issue that it solves:

The need to work around not having sub-bullets

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

Hey @web3. Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the feedback. You can find this information about extra formatting options discussed in this thread:


Okay, I suppose we have no choice but to use preformatted HTML for this. I find this unfortunate. I have to also say that while I enjoy the product, it's extremely unfortunate to see what/how Prismic feels about the average user.

I can honestly say that from the tone of certain other issues such as this one the tone coming from the Prismic team is one of "You are just too stupid to understand our product", a great example of this is this post: Prismic Required Fields Revisited - Prismic

Is it really that crazy for users to want required fields? As a developer, I understand that yes, null fields and accounting for them is important; however, this does not nullify the need for required fields. There is a reason why successful companies listen to their customers. I would strongly urge Prismic to listen to its actual paying customers and deliver on some of these core CMS features that nearly EVERY other CMS platform offers. You have a great product, what a shame your dev team does not want to deliver such things.

Hello @web3, thanks for your comments.

We don't think that we know better than our users. We listen carefully to all feature requests and use cases and prioritize new features accordingly.

Just because a new feature hasn't been implemented doesn't mean we think it doesn't have merit. I have shared your comments with our product team to consider them when considering the future of lists, Rich Text, and nested data in Prismic.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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