Custom labels for Rich Text in new editor

Hello guys!
For our project, we are looking for a way to have more control over typography in a rich-text editor. Just simply selecting a type of HTML element isn't enough. Thanks to this forum I found a solution to how to do it with rich text labels. Sadly it seems it's not supported any more in the new Prismic editor, but it's still available in legacy editor.
Is it a feature which will be supported and it's no just implemented yet in a new editor? If yes, do you have any idea when, is it somewhere on the road map? Or maybe is there any other way how to make different styling of the same HTML element possible?
There has to be any way to allow content creators to do for example strikethrough or underline when it's not directly provided by Prismic rich-text editor right?


Same type, but in new editor an option to assing a tag is missing.

Hi @docmine ,

These questions have been answered here already: