Apply classes via highlighting removed?

I've been using "custom tags" (not sure what the feature is called), i.e when you highlight text in the editor I have a dropdown of tags that can be applied.

Most commonly using this to give content editors power to apply color accents to some words, it's a very popular feature among my clients.

With the new UI / editor this feature seem to be gone. Is that a bug or has this been depricated? If so is there an alternative strategy?

If I switch to legacy mode I can see still use it as before but the issue is that the new editor is default.

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Hi @sideboo , the feature hasn't been deprecated and the plan is to support it in the Page Builder. However, we haven't prioritised implementing it just yet. In the interim, you can revert to the legacy builder to add a "custom tag". I'll update this thread on when we have an ETA on when this feature will be available.


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Hey Guy,

Great news the custom tags are coming back, to me they are essential.

I understand the UI can take a while to create, but currently the new editor strips out all the labels if there is any already on the text. This makes jumping back and forth with the new and old editor quite tedious and possibly dangerous process.

If possible, please accelerate internally the fix to at least not strip these out once they are there.

Hi @ripa , just letting you know that custom labels are now available in the page builder.