Prismic labels in rich text


I've added some labels in rich text field via json editor, so it looks like this:

"article" : {
      "type" : "StructuredText",
      "config" : {
        "multi" : "paragraph,preformatted,heading2,heading3,heading4,strong,em,hyperlink,image,embed,list-item,o-list-item,rtl",
        "label" : "Article",
        "placeholder" : "Add the text for the article here...",
        "labels" : [ "caption" ]

And it worked great, however I've noticed that new UI update has been released. Where previously I could see the labels dropdown at the top of the screen once I focused on the rich text area, now I cannot see the label dropdown in the popup that appears when I select a piece of text in the rich text editor.

How can I in the new updated UI add labels?

Hi @antiblanks

Labels are not yet supported in the new page builder. You will have to revert to legacy when needing to apply labels.

Hey, any rough time frame where it will be available in new Page Builder please?
I'm using custom label heavily and it's extremely annoying to keep reverting back to Legacy editor :frowning:


Hi Dave (@dmakos ),
I don't believe they have a timeframe for the labels feature in the new page builder yet. If it is mission critical, you can contact Prismic and request they roll you back to legacy. This will then be your editor by default. Once the feature is in the new page builder, I'd imagine you can request to be moved back to it.

This is in the teams roadmap and they'll update the following thread once it's released :slight_smile: